Thank you for visiting.  I am both an interior and garden designer.  My interior design work is archived under JLim Designs whereas garden design resides in Garden Hortica.  I am also an artist.  Here you can see some of my work at                                 The Art of Jeffrey Lim.


Step into my kind of interior and garden aesthetic.  If you like what you see tell me.  Even better if you want what you like here let's make it happen. 






                                        Defining Moments

Illustration for cover of 'Defining Moments' book.

I have completed 5 cycles of my life according to the Chinese zodiac.  A milestone considering how war, pestilence, disease or famine shortened lives.  This book is a celebration of my achievements as an artist and an artistic gardener.  I share it to inspire you to write your own defining moments.  Then please share and inspire your family and friends.  Only one requirement...reach or past 5 cycles of your life. Under 60? Do a bit more living!  


Here is a link to where you can get a copy of my Defining Moments.  


Thank you for all your support and here's to the next 12 years! Bring it on!

2,000 sf showroom re-do completed for AW Pottery Atlanta!

A shot of the courtyard with indoor container gardening style using AWsome pots.

The project involved planning, desiging, building and installing double moogates to create a left and right indoor patio rooms with a central courtyard room.  The crucial requirement was using clay pots and larger clay vessels to demonstrate indoor container gardening styles with indoor plants.  


Several thematic rooms were designed and installed around the perimeter of the 2,000 sf showroom.  Among them, a meditation room, a touch of Japonaise, a coastal theme with salvage look vessels, a room with mostly reds, one with mostly blue and a third mostly green pottery.


Another room boasts a nouveau design of 'driftwood suiseki' in combination with large clay vessels.  Suiseki as we know it are scholar rocks.  The driftwood suiseki projected a fictional mountain-scape when incorporated with plants.

One side of the first moon gate 6-ft opening with a bulbous Bengal jar and abstract art glazing topped with peace lillies.
Second moon gate with table top design. Note ceramic stools of various designs. Table sits on two heavy limestone boulders.

For more images please go to:  AW Pottery Atlanta's FB page

JLim Designs' Garden Hortica wins GOLD at the 2014 SF Flower Garden Show

Sanctuary Steppes wins GOLD at the 2104 SFFG Show

Fall 2013 Bennett House Project Update



Prayer Wheel and Pebble Paths


How does a project look like a few years after you've designed it and its built or installed?  After all the photo ops?  Well its been a few years since I visited the Bennett House.  I may do some more work there. Meanwhile Tommy sent me some updated pics.  


Here you will see the hand crafted pebble mosaic paths in place after a few years.  This has a story itself.  The pebbles were hand picked and shipped from China.  A local crew made metal templates of the persimmon design to cast each slab before setting in place.  


The client wanted to install a Tibetan prayer wheel.  The design was to place the wheel at the center of a chakra...a wheel of knowledge.  So when you walk up to the house you spin the prayer wheel in one direction and spin it the same as you leave.



Entering. Lion dog guardians. Persimmon pebble mosaics.
Path to the house
Prayer wheel in the center of Chakra
Checkerboard pebble mosaic path

The Art of Jeffrey Lim available in prints on demand

CDS8 Detail

I have uploaded very high resolution images of the Cirque du Soleil series of eight paintings to begin with for sale in print on demand.  You have a choice of ordering cards, prints, framed or stretched canvas from these sites:


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Each of these print on demand sites have their own features and benefits so its your choice where you want to shop.


I have also launched a new website that shows my work better.  My art site is at:



And of course which artist will not have a Facebook page which is where I will update you with all things artistic at:


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Thank you for visiting and here's to more art in our lives!


Welcome to JLim Designs

Thank you for visiting!


My work as an artist and designer covers both interior and landscaping.  


JLim Designs is about interior design.


Garden Hortica is about landscape and garden design.


I design for both residential and commerical spaces.  


My style has a very strong contemporary Asian influence.  


As an artist my style is influenced by where I grew up, artists such as Klimt, Lempicka and Yves Clerc, and periods from the Chinese dynasties to Art Nouveau to Art Deco to post modern.




What makes our designs different

For interior spaces we design projecting what YOU are about, your personality, your family and your lifestyle.  So often we hear the statement 'that is so you.'  That's what we aspire to bring in our design work. 


Any garden should be an extension of indoor living space.  It should also be a gathering place as well as a quiet space...a sanctuary perhaps...a place to get away for some peaceful time with nature.  A gathering space with friends and loved ones.  That is what we create.


We aim for the unusual.  Something different.  Not repetitive.  Different and yet appeal to your lifestyle and sensibilities.


We are hands on.  Designing on paper is the easy part.  You have to be hands on...how else can you feel and sense that this is the spot for the right object facing at the right direction. 


Go to Feature ID Project  and Feature Garden Project and be inspired.


What we offer


We design for both residential and commercial spaces. 


While we have a preferred list of vendors for objects, accessories, furnishings, materials and plants, we also carry our own inventory.


We go on buying trips to Asia to hunt and gather furnishings, accessories, landscape materials, garden objects, garden art, clay planters and other unique stuff we feel will look great in our interior and landscape designs. 


Go to Unique Stuff to see what we mean.

Who we are

Two pasionate designers with projects in the SF-Bay area and other places near and far away.


Award winner at two San Francisco Flower and Garden Shows. 


We dont take the pedestrian approach to interior and landscape design.  Neither do we design way off the conventional. 


In a nut shell...we design what we ourselves would like to have...style, function, form, utility and within a sane budget!

How we work


Our design and installation fees are reasonable.  Depending on where you are geographically we charge a fee for a first site visit.


Here we discuss ideas and get feedback from you.  Should you like our initial ideas then we proceed with designing, sketching and laying out a design together with a budget.


Should you just want the design and not have us install we will only bill you for the design fee.


The design fee is credited towards the total design and installation if we do the installation.  We encourage you to have us install because we can relate to the 'artistic' issues of our design.


Please go to What We Do Best for Gardens for a preview.













Ode to Klimt