Garden Hortica Wins GOLD at the 2014 SF Flower Garden Show

Sanctuary Steppes wins GOLD at the 2014 SFFG

YES, after a hiatus of 6 years Jeffrey Lim returned as one of the garden creators for the 2014 SFFG.  


Together with two others:  Ilya Pinsky of Village Yurts and Richard Koenig of Healing Spirit Plants we installed Sanctuary Steppes.


The judges awarded Sanctuary Steppes GOLD.  More important were the many visitors who told us what a peaceful beautiful garden we had created.


In this design, key elements were the hand made hand painted yurt and the medicinal and healing plants carefully named with their healing properties.


We believe besides ornamental, CA native, water tolerant plants, grasses the next thing is to incorporate healing plants in gardens so we recognize what they do and what they look like.  


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Summer of 2012 Garden Hortica Exits Retail Nursery Operations...

Finally after two very hard working years Garden Hortica Oakland is now CLOSED. 


Garden Hortica is where urban agriculture meets garden design.


Unfortunately the business was not sustainable and we had to close.  


What we created was a multi-use garden space...for growing edibles and ornamentals imbued with good garden design hardscapes and elements that make you want to just stay and linger.


This first of its kind multi-use garden space in downtown Old  Oakland was like a garden TOWNHALL.  Here neighbors and friends congregated for social activities.


It was also a teaching-learning space for kids with special events.



Our aim was to be a garden solution provider for a school, church, neigborhood, commercial and residential spaces.  It was a protype.


However we have NOT stopped pursuing garden designs that we want to inspire. So for now Garden Hortica exists online where we will share garden design projects as and when we do them



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Archival Material....BREAKING NEWS: 

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GH Green Box with living roof and deck