Unique Stuff

Jeffrey Lim, principal designer at DJCurbAppeal travels to SEAsia every year to get inspiration as well as hunt and gather neat stuff for garden design.  They can range from planters to recycled glass scultpure, are usually one of a kind and handcrafted. 


"When I hunt and gather I look for unique stuff that will look great in a garden.  An added attraction is the story behind the stuff.  Some have quite a history and of course age to it.  It is this socio-cultural-anthropological connection that draws me to this kind of stuff.  And I think that's what makes us different when I hunt and gather...not stuff that is repeatedly manufactured for sale at garden centers."


We used to be represented at two showrooms in San Francisco.  But now our great stuff is in Atlanta.   For a look at some awesome stuff please go to www.awpotteryatl.com and click on Special Collection.


Our goal is to open a great stuff retail store of our own in the Bay Area.  Stay tuned.